You are a criminal defense attorney. You have a DUI case. You think there may be issues in the lab work, but you’re just not sure how to find them. You are at the DMV hearing, and you need to rebut the presumption of the BAC at the time of driving. You are in trial, and you need to get your side of the story in front of the fact finder, and the Government’s expert is just not cooperating.

Impaired Driving Toxicology can help. I was a forensic scientist for over 18 years, a reserve deputy sheriff for 14 years, and a DUI defense attorney for 7 years. I have the education, training, and experience to make a difference in your cases. I am offering case review and expert testimony in DUI cases, presently involving either alcohol or marijuana, and case review and consultation only in matters involving other drugs and Drug Recognition Expert examinations.

I base my opinions primarily on sound peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, supported by my own experience. Because of that, there are some defenses that I can’t support. Also, I am not prepared to critique specific breath testing instruments or their source code. There are other experts who can do that. I am, however, very familiar with the physiological aspects of breath testing and the issues that affect breath testing instruments in general. I am also very familiar with blood testing by headspace gas chromatography, field sobriety testing, and alcohol and marijuana metabolism and impairment.

It has been written: “we see the world not as it is, but as we are.” I take a broader perspective on the science than the government’s experts because I have had the experience of seeing the science from both sides and for a long time. I went to law school, not to practice law, but to become an educator on forensic science. It seemed that there was a gap in understanding between the scientists and the lawyers. We were speaking different languages. I hoped that if I learned to speak lawyer, I could bridge that gap. That is what I’m going to do now. Come back often. I’ll be posting about issues in DUI toxicology to help attorneys understand DUI science, its applications and limitations.

Ronald L. Moore,

Impaired Driving Toxicology